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The book is here!

We are very excited to share the result of an amazing collaboration between Amsterdam, London, Benin, Germany, India and Central Portugal with you.

To start off, part one of the book will plant seeds of inspiration and environmental wisdom, helping you find intimacy in connecting with nature through gaining an understanding of the complexity and interconnectedness of this intricate web of life.

In part two, we will take you on wild rides to the highest peaks and deepest valleys of our territory. We will dive into the many hidden paradise pools and waterfalls and show you where to bathe in beautiful indigenous forests. As a bonus gift we will reveal our favourite wild places, so you can discover them yourself during several short trips of four days/three nights or a longer adventure of two and a half weeks. Be careful though, as you will be tempted to stick around, finding it hard to tear yourself away from the peaceful pace of life and nature’s warm embrace.

We are giving you a sneak preview of what to expect. Click on the arrows above to scroll through the book.

Order now!

We are offering our tribe, friends, fans and family the opportunity to order the first Wildlings book for now only €12.

The size is A5+ and approximately 200 pages so it easily fits into your backpack. The book is written in both English and Portuguese for readers from both Portugal and abroad.

For those who love to give, we are also offering a package with four copies for a discounted price so you can give three away as a gift (package 2)! Better yet, if you love what we do and want to support us in our mission to restore the local ecosystem by planting native deciduous trees, you are invited to become an honourable Wildlings Guardian; with this we will plant 10 trees in your name (package 3).


We’ve made it simple for you to order and pay online with Credit Card, Multibanco, PayPal and Ideal.

Choose your package and select the shipping zone (Portugal, Europe or International) to determine shipping costs.

The book takes between 5-10 days to be processed and ready to be shipped, but rest assured you will receive it in time to plan to enjoy the perfect months for wild swimming and waterfall dips.

If you want to order larger quantities because you feel your employees, clients, or any other favourite humans are ready to rewild their lives, send us an email and we can discuss the possibilities.

Any questions about the book or ordering process? Please get in touch at Please note that when paying through direct bank transfer you will receive a receipt after your payment has been processed; sometimes this can take a few days. If you have any doubts, please get in touch.

Love = Love

Through ordering our first book, you are not only gifting yourself a treasure box of wild things, you are also supporting us in our activities to share environmental education and restore the local ecosystem. We have invested a lot of time, resources and love into this project and your contribution helps to keep us going. We would love to be able to make a second book about the mesmerising Serra da Estrela National Park, located to the north of us.

Our Wildlings all over Europe deserve a big shout out, as without them this book would never have happened! Thank you to Maeve Stam, Dirkje Bakker Pierre, Rogier Smalhout, Nelleke Wegdam, Fabian Hahne, Laura Williams, Raquel Perdigão Williams, Rodrigo Oliveira, Tiago Cerveira, Allison Ozero, David Thom, Ana Torradinhas, Felix Dickinson, Max Gold Design, Lotte Kauffman, Bibi Spaans, Jack Rann, Finn Rhodes, Matilda O’Brien, Paul Fowler, Marieke Smits, Owen Roberts, Marion, Matthijs Groos and Lynn Mylou.