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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about the project, is that possible?

For this purpose, we made a website. You can find a lot more info there, both in English and Portuguese. In our Library, which we keep updating, you find films, articles and free education tools to learn about ecosystem restoration, regenerative agriculture, the circular economy, consumptive behaviour and new models and practices that take social and ecological values into account while being financially sustainable as well. The Wildlings you see in our videos and on the website are individuals who are involved with their own individual projects. Some of us have possibilities to visit or volunteer. You can find our projects on the Local Wildling Page. This Spring/Summer Wildlings offers various opportunities for people to experience this lifestyle for a few weeks themselves during the ReWilding Summer Camps. We are also working on bigger projects that could potentially provide jobs for those wanting to move or return to the Interior. We would love to offer support to those wanting to move here and help them navigate the labyrinth of rules and regulations. At the moment we don’t have that capacity, but we are looking for options to provide these services locally. If you want to stay updated sign up for our newsletter.

How can I help?

With your hands:
We can use a lot of help as there is a lot of work to do here, especially after the fires. We organise community days to reforest burnt areas or to clean the land from burnt trees and the young eucalyptus that spread everywhere. However most of our winter guest accommodation went down with the fire so we can’t accommodate people during this season, yet! That’s why we invite you to come and stay in June-July or Sept-Oct during the ReWilding Summer Camps (URL) for which we will announce more info soon.

With your network:
You can also help by spreading the word about Wildlings by sharing our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram), our website, our campaigns or the content we produce with your network. The more people know about us, the larger our Wildlings tribe grows, the stronger we become together.

With your euros:
We invest a lot of our own time and energy in this project. We would love to do a lot more such as extending the Wildlings web series and providing support to those who also want to change their lives and contribute towards a more social and environmentally balanced world. However, we are still recovering from the fires and our personal funds are limited. If you want to support us financially you can donate to our non-profit organisation here. Every little and large gift is very much appreciated and we promise to use it towards reversing both the desertification of humans and of the natural environment of the Interior region.

If you are an impact or purpose investor who appreciates what we do, please get in touch to see if our business idea to ReWild this region matches with your portfolio. You can reach us here:

With your time:
Hopefully, in the not so distant future, we will be able to employ people for various projects and provide them with housing here in this region. If you feel you already want to contribute your skills right now, you can also do so remotely. We are always looking for communication professionals, community managers, DoP’s and editors, photographers, social media wizards, financial strategists, translators (Eng-Pt), project managers, Media & PR, back and front-end web developers or fundraisers. If you want to donate an x amount of your time to Wildlings, send us a short introduction in English and the URL of your website/portfolio to

Can I come and visit?

Although we love to connect with like minded people, we also live very busy lives working on the land, rebuilding our houses after the fires and managing the projects that we are involved with. The opportunities to visit are different for all of us, so it’s best to check the projects on the Local Wildlings page, which we update with new discoveries. However, this spring/summer we are organising ReWilding summer camps which will give you the opportunity to help regenerate the land, get a glimpse of what off-grid living is like, exchange ideas for a sustainable future and meet local and other Wildlings. If you would like to stay up to date sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on the Wildlings Facebook page.

How were you able to move to the Interior? I want to leave the city myself, but don’t know how to start in the Interior.

Moving to the Interior region of Portugal was a personal decision for all of us and there is not one story the same. Some of us had savings to buy a piece of land with ruins on them which we are rebuilding or have been turning into small homes. A lot of us volunteered at projects to experience for ourselves what this life is like and to learn about regenerative farming, natural building and off-grid technology. It’s a great way to start because you learn so much. You also get to know the local community, which in turn opens doors to find land for sale through the local cafes and events. Some of us work to raise money to build further, but all of us invest of our money, time and energy in reviving the land, abandoned farms and restoring the houses. If you look at the Local Wildlings page you can read about our individual stories. Paul’s story is a remarkable one as he arrived here as a fresh faced university graduate with no money to his name, but only one year later he owned a piece of land, built his own small cabin and now he generates income through the work he does for others in the local community. We believe that no matter how much experience or financial capital you have to your name, if you truly want to change your life and make a difference, what it really requires is courage, the willingness to learn and a good dose of social skills. The rest will will take care of itself.

I have a profession that is currently not present in rural areas (ie ICT, management, sales, design, media). Is there still work for me there?

At the moment there are pretty much no jobs here locally. We all create our own work and income. We are trying to raise investment to provide jobs and housing for those who want to move but don’t have the financial means to do so on their own. This process takes time as access to finance in this region is very difficult. However, we are hopeful that this will change in the near future and that policymakers and financial institutions start to understand the importance of job creation and entrepreneurial support for those in the Interior region. When we raise the capital we are especially looking for those working in non-agricultural industries such as content makers, web and design, project managers, event producers, social media and communication, financial managers and chefs. Stay up to date via our Facebook page for opportunities that we post on our website.